Company Overview

ANIMALADA produces top quality character animation. We specialize in creating high-impact stories with memorable characters. We also develop, produce, and license our own properties and video games for entertainment and advertainment purposes.

We do more than just providing production services: we team up with our clients and business partners to create appealing and engaging stories that align perfectly with our clients' target, message, and goals.

Founded in 2002, Animalada is one of the leading animation studios in Latin America. We work regularly for clients in Latin America, USA, and Europe.

Why Animalada?

Value: Animalada offers top-quality productions at very competitive prices. We are not the cheapest. We are the ones that can deliver the best value for your money.

Creativity: We offer more than production services, we team up with our clients to ensure that, from creativity (script, character and scenario design, storytelling) throughout the production process, everything is aligned with our client’s strategy, message, and goals.

Reliability: Our project managers are not artists... we plan and manage our projects as engineering projects, which enables us to deliver on time and in budget, always. We also make sure that there are plenty work-in-progress presentations along the process. So that the client is always in control of what is going on in the project. Our track record in the industry is second to none in this aspect.

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